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The customizable cold room unit is a cold storage cold source that can be used with all types of cold room. We offer a complete range of cold room with a body and a custom cold storage unit. The cold room unit adopts international famous brand compressors and refrigeration accessories, and through 3D structural design, the structure is compact and reasonable, and the products are durable.
Open-type cold room unit is the ordinary type cold room unit. It is widely used in all kinds of cold storage. AHCC has engaged in cold storage design, manufacture, and construction for over 10 years. It is able to provide you not only the machine unit, but also the one-stop cold storage solution.

Product Features

  • Convenient maintenance.
  • Rational structure, making full use of the heat exchange capacity of the condenser.
  • High quality refrigeration components and completed configuration, ensuring great unit operational reliability.
  • Adopting Bitzer semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, for high energy efficiency ratio and low noise.
  • Adopting efficient shell tube condensers, assuring high heat exchange efficiency and long service life.
  • Convenient wiring. The Bitzer water cooling unit is equipped with waterproof terminal boxes. And all control component connection will access the junction

No Name

Bitzer Air-condensing Cold Room Unit

Bitzer Paralleled Cold Room Unit

Copeland Paralleled Cold Room Unit

Bitzer Screw Compressor Cold Room Unit

Product Details

Cold Room Panel

There are three kinds of surface material for chosen, stainless steel, aluminium plate and color steel.

Aluminium Panel

Stainless Steel Panel

Color Panel