What is Vacuum Refrigeration (Cooling)?

Vacuum Cooling is the quickest and most efficient cooling system for vegetable, fruit, flower and more. The vacuum cooling technology, which can strongly improve your product quality and the same time reduce your cooling cost. Hence, this technology becoming an acceptable environmental investment for almost farmer.
The technology is based on the phenomenon that water starts at lower temperatures as the pressure decrease. In the vacuum cooler the pressure is reduced to a level where water starts boiling at 2’c. The boiling process takes away heat from the product. As an effect, products can be cooled down through1’c or 2’c within 2—30 minute and even (micro-perforated) packed products can easily be cooled this way.
The quick and uniform cooling ( the surface and the core of the vegetable reach exact the same temperature after vacuum cooling) Result in a substantially longer life of product. At the same time you can save electricity and more effective compare to traditional cooling technologies.
We can offer you state of the art cooling system with mostly top (European) component like Bitzer, Busch and Danfoss, at very competitive prices.
Beside the range of vacuum coolers, AHCC also offer you cost efficient cold room storage and a arrange of ice making machinery.
For Vacuum cooling we offer:
  1. For year vacuum precooling technical experience.
  2. Adopt top quality vacuum pump, stable performance, less maintenance.
  3. Corrosion resistance processing, car paint, better adhesion, corrosion resistance for 20 years.
  4. Compressor with continuative energy regulation program design, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection.
  5. Unique controlled gas component injection function, prevent lettuce incision to become red.
  6. Preferred to use screw compressor, large refrigerating capacity, low failure rate.
  7. Variety of operating mode: temperature mode, time mode, vacuum mode can choosed, Function is more practical.
  8. Vacuum chamber continuous welding, better on pressure resistance.
  9. Multiple protection, man-machine interface and fault prompt function of error correction.

Main Components

The size of the chamber is defined by the amount of pallets you want to cool and subject to individual dimensions. The size of the chamber will decide the number of vacuum pumps to be used. Vacuum pump brand: Dalouton(China), Leybold(Germany), Busch(Germany)
Inside the vacuum chamber condenses the water vapour, and ensures dry air leave the vacuum chamber towards the pumps. Outside the chamber, the cold is cooled down by a refrigeration system. The compressor needed fro this heat exchange process is supplies by the Bitzer or Hanbell.

Three types of condenser system can be chosen for cooling down the cold medium:

Air Condenser:
The simplest construction, suitable for small system,. East to integrate.

Water Condenser
Low cost, efficient and east to install. Perfect to most district climates.

Evaporative Condenser
Optimal system for dry climates or if water availability is limited.

Control System

The specific developed control system ensures that the cooling process works prefect, even with partial loading. The target temperature will be reatized quickly, without freezing of the delicate vegetables. The processing data are collected in the system and all relevant processing parameter can be seen on the display.
The electronic used are from leading Korean supplier. Control valves & components came from well-known supplier LIKE Danfoss & Leybold. The system can be started with one push button. The touch screen display is very easy to operated and user friendly. The menu will be supply to few language.
  1. Conveyer System
  2. Operation Control Box
  3. Safety Switch
  4. Seal Door
  5. Vacuum Chamber
  6. Deflation Valve
  7. Compressor
  8. Electrical Cabinet
  9. Hydraulic System
  10. Vacuum Pump
  11. Liquid Receiver
  12. Oil Liquid Separator
  13. Compressor
  14. Economizer
  15. Evaporator
  16. Drainage Valve
  17. Condensor

For the vacuum chamber, three different types of doors can be used:

Standard Swing Door:
Most simple construction, manual operation. The ramp for this system is relatively and is mounted inside the cooling chamber.

Horizontal Sliding Door:
This electrical driven door is optimal if the cooling skid is placed besides the vacuum chamber (one pallet model and >6 pallet systems)

Upward Lift Door:
Hydraulic system, suggested solution for all system from 2-6 pallets. Easy installation, easy ramp construction. It is also to use two door combination with roller belt system, for maximum efficiency of the loading process.