Refrigerated Showcase 4 Level (Display Case)

Model: TY4-5 Self-Service Merchandiser for Deli, Dairy, Sandwiches, Cheese, Grab-n-Go, Beverage and Produce


Remote Island

    • 7’ (TY4-5X-7I-R),
    • 9’ (TY4-5X-9I-R)
    • 11’ (TY4-5X-11I-R)
    • 13’ (TY4-5X-13I-R)
    • 15’ (TY4-5X-15I-R)
    • 17’ (TY4-5X-17I-R)​​

Features / Benefits

  • Painted exterior
  • Radius perimeter
  • LED EcoShine II canopy lighting
  • Black metal deck and back wall,
  • 2″ black vinyl cart bumper
  • Energy efficient fan motors.
  • Dual forced air refrigeration coils

Options* Include

  • Optional base heights
  • Special stainless steel tube bumper 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ shelves
  • LED shelf lighting
  • Solid surface top inlay
  • Stainless or white interior
  • Liquid line shut-off valve

Refrigerated Showcase 5 Deck ( Display Case)

Model: B5XEC-L   Bulk, 5-Deck, Excel, Extended Canopy, Low Front Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths. Contact your sales rep for information on possible availability of additional case lengths.​

Extended Depth for Bulk Applications
The B5XEC-L high volume multi-deck has an extended canopy and low front for high visibility bulk merchandising. It is 4-inch deeper (front to back) than our standard Excel multi-deck fixtures for maximum pack-out of bulk medium temperature items.

Excellent Lighting
EcoShine LED lights provide bright, even illumination of products with lower energy costs.

Longer Shelf Life
Modular coils and off-time defrost work to reduce thermal shock and stabilize product temperatures.

Lower Labor Costs
Labor-saving features include greater clearance under the case, easy-to-clean “bathtub” bottom with no coil in the bottom of the case, good raceway access, 2-ft honeycomb sections and more.

Superior Reliability
Our five-year modular coil warranty is the best available

Refrigerated Showcase 5 Deck ( Display Case)

Model: D5X-GE   Dairy, 5-Deck, Excel, Glass Front, Energy Efficient Coil
Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Superior Merchandising
The D5X-GE was designed to help you merchandise and sell. Superior display features include optional full vision glass ends, improved ledge lighting, greater shelf placement flexibility and more. Streamline and Contour styling available.

Lower Energy Costs
Excel D5X cases come with energy efficient “E” coils as standard. Night curtains can be added to help trim about 12.6% more off your energy costs for this case.

Superior Shelf Life
Modular coils and off-time defrost work to reduce thermal shock and stabilize product temperatures. Modular defrost (optional) can further stabilize temperatures.

Refrigerated Showcase Multi-Deck 5 Doors

Model: DD5X5FRW
Only available with 5 doors.

Features / Benefits

  • Ideal for any medium temperature, high volume deli, dairy or beverage products
  • Environmentally-friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential and 3 GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • Merchandiser rejects heat through a continuous flow water-loop system at store level
  • Water-loop system operates with cooling water between 50° and 115°F inlet temperature
  • UL/EPH and DOE 2017 certified
  • Available with Hussmann EcoVision II glass doors for better product visibilty
  • Standard LED lights reduce relamping and other maintenance costs

Innovative Refrigeration

  • No heat required in doors or frames
  • Energy efficient coils standard
  • CoreLink controller remote performance monitoring available

Refrigerated Showcase with Lids

​​​​​​F-L,  FG-L,  FI-L,  FIG-L,  FN-L,  FNG-L,  FW-L,  FWG-L,  FWGHL,  FWE-L,  FWEG-L, FWEGHL

F = Frozen      N = Narrow Island      L = Lids     W = Wide Island

G = Glass Front      GH = High Glass Front      I = Island      E = End Case

Hussmann is now offering sliding glass lids for single deck island merchandisers. These lids save up to 60% in case energy costs, while enhancing merchandising appeal with sleek, curved glass design. The scratch resistant glass helps stabilize product temperatures, resulting in better product integrity.​

For field installed upgrades or on original equipment
Upgrade and original equipment lids are available and have been designed to fit all Excel single deck islands for frozen food, ice cream and medium temp applications, including FW, FWG, FWE, FWEG, FI, FIG, FN, FNG, F, and FG. Rebates or incentives may be available from your local utility company for upgrading existing equipment.

FW, FWG  Wide Island Merchandiser for Frozen Food / Ice Cream
FW  Wide Island for Frozen Food/Ice Cream
FWG  Wide Island With Glass for Frozen Food/Ice Cream
FWE  Wide Island End Case
FWEG  Wide Island End Case With Glass

Features / Benefits

  • Superior energy efficiency in a frozen island
  • More merchandising capacity than Impact
  • Excellent temperature consistency and stability throughout the display zone due to Hussmann’s proprietary discharge air louvers and continuous tube serpentine coils
  • High visibility
  • Good clearance under case for easy cleaning
  • Easy raceway access and simplified wiring

Options Include

  • Various paint and bumper colors
  • Sliding Glass lids