Vision: To make the world a better place

To work with local partners who have the same interests to enhance social transformation and in the effort to uplift farmers in Southeast Asia

Build products using high value materials and benefit farmers in improving their lives.

Covestro Polycarbonate Features (PC):

High Transparency: PCs show high transparency and can be used instead of glass.
Environmentally friendly: A modern production system that optimizes CO2 emissions.
Fire retardant: The test has proven that the PC is an excellent fire retardant product.
Drying Effects: The drying time of the product to be dried can be shortened compared to the ordinary drying solution (Example: Drying up the road). In addition, the product remains uncontaminated and secured from dust, fungus and animal disorders.
UV Protection: By using PC products from Covestro, all plant products that are dried free of UV rays and will retain the original color and this will also increase the quality and selling price is higher than the conventional way.
Competitive Cost: The cost of building a Drying System using a PC is competitive
compared to other products that are quickly damaged.
Solar Dryer Dome (SDD)

SDD designed as Direct Solar Dryer. The air is heated up by greenhouse effect.
The cover is made by Covestro Polycarbonate applied in Impack Pratama PC-Sheets ( Twinlite) which allow a parabolic shape to let the water run off (internally & externally)
Polycarbonate sheet are UV protected and easily to transport and install easily
Different size and related capacity
How this system benefits;
  • You make more income even though in bad weather.
  • Your productivity increases with minimum wastage
  • You bear the minimum cost or bear no costs.
  • Your product is clean , high quality and durable.
  • You invest for a better future for yourself and your family.

Solar Power

Humidity Control with AC Fan


Temperature Monitoring

Drying 24 hours

UV Protection

No electricity

High Quality Finished Product

What commodities can be dried?




Dragon Food




Basil seeds

Tea & Herd

Coffee bean





Livestock food


Types Of Dryer
Conventional Dryers
Electric Dryer
Solar (PE: Polyethylene)
Solar PP: Polycarbonate
Low cost, practicality is widespread and can drain higher capacity
Faster drying time, cleaner and conventional options.
Electricity is not needed, clean
Electricity is not required, clean and low maintenance costs, clean and protected against UV rays and good food quality

PC has 10 Years warranty.
Not Clean (Food Markets), Labor Intensity, Food Quality and Taste of food are unpleasant.
High operating costs, high electricity costs make the overall cost of the product expensive and non-viable
Need space, Low durability (PE needs to be changed every 3 Years). High investment costs for individual farmers and high LPG requirements.
Needing space, high investment for individual farmers and require LPG if it is at high location.
Cost Of Petrol
USD 0.7/kWh (India)
USD 0.6 / liter
USD 0.6 / liter
Humidity Control
Less Control
Table 1
Solar drying is more productive & effective than sun drying
Humidity content decreases to 3% in 6-8 hours
Outside the grille is productive and requires low or no energy consumption

Table 2
The SDD comes with polycarbonate sheets showing the potential of double ambient temperature
Despite the varied weather, drying performance in SSD has little impact

Invest In Agricultural Business
Increased productivity and quality for the same product in the same market
Existing markets with new products
New products for new markets
Products released are chemical free products

Malaysia 1st Completed Project Solar Dryer Dome:
Wang Lai Seafood Sdn Bhd 
Address; SL 49. PL 1207, Block 8, MTLD, SMI Industrial Park Phase 5, Demak Laut, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak.