NODescription WorkClientConsultantDate Completion
54Proposed Halal Abbatoir Complex On Lot 1641, Block 5, Sentah – Segu Land District Siburan, Kuching, Sarawak (Nominated Sub-Contractor)PPES TERNAK SDN BHDPERUNDING MME SDN BHDAugust 2019
53Supply, install and testing of chicken storage equipment to the existing chicken processing facilities at Kilang Teras Bako, KuchingComerich Sdn BhdIn Progress
52Supply, install and testing of Island Freezer and Wall ChillerSen Sen Department Store Sdn BhdSept 2017
51Design, supply, install and testing one unit of chiller roomHon Yan Sdn BhdFeb 2018
50Design, supply, install and testing of cold room and contact freezerLee Supply (Labuan, Sabah)Oct 2017
49Design, supply, install and testing of cold roomTing @ Ling Trading Sdn Bhd (Sibu)Sept 2017
48Design, supply, install and test of blast freezer and refrigeration systemC.S. Choice Food Industries Sdn BhdAugust 2017
47Design, installation and testing 1 unit Cold Room, Packing Room and 3 units Contact FreezerWang Lai Seafood Product Sdn BhdAugust 2016
46To supply, install and testing new Freezer Cold Room At KuchingSB Logostic and Supplies Sdn BhdMay 2016
45To convert Chiller Room to Freezer RoomSupreme Cold Storage Sdn BhdApril 2016
44To supply, install and testing Cold Room, Blast Freezer, Ice Machine at Tanjung Bako Site, Kuching, SarawakLembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM)Perunding UZL Sdn BhdMarch 2017
43Purpose and install new Dixell Monitoring System on all cold room at Kuching Branch and Sabah BranchPharmaniaga Logistic Sdn BhdMarch 2016
42To supply, install and testing Multi deck Chiller Showcase and Island Freezer for SupermarketUnaco Enterprice Sdn BhdFeb 2016
41To supply, install and testing 1 unit 23ft x 24ft x 9ft(H) Chiller RoomHup Chin Soon EnterpriceMarch 2016
40o supply, install and testing 1 unit 8ftx 20ftx 9ft(H) Cold RoomSharifah TradingMarch 2016
39To supply, install and testing 2 New Cold Room at Packing FactoryPoh Lian Trading Sdn BhdFeb 2016
38Purpose and install new Dixell Monitoring System on cold room at Kuching Branch, Kota Kinabalu Branch and Brunei BranchZuellig Pharma Sdn BhdMarch 2016
37Mydin Hypermarket at Jalan Semaraing, Bandar Baru SemariangMYDINJuly 2016
36GIANT Hypermarket Mall at Jalan SemariangGIANTApril 2015
35Supply, install and testing Cold RoomSAJ Hen Fung (Sabah) Sdn BhdAugust 2015
34Mydin Hypermarket at Vista Tunku, KuchingMYDINJan 2015
33Supply, install, test and commissioning complete system for 2 units cold room (Sarawak Biodiversity Centre)Precious Credence Sdn BhdPerunding Malca Sdn BhdApril 2015
32Supply, design, install and testing on Construct Cold Room at WH Kota Kinabalu, Sabah BranchPharmaniaga Logistic Sdn BhdAugust April
31Supply, design, install and testing on Construct Cold Room at WH Kuching BranchPharmaniaga Logistic Sdn BhdApril 2015
30Supply, design, install and commissioning of cold roomSAJ Hen Fung (Sabah) Sdn BhdDec 2014
29Supply, design, install and commissioning of Refrigeration Cooling System for 2 Hino Cold TrucksPharmaniaga Logistic Sdn BhdDec 2014
28Supply , install and test Multi Deck Chiller Showcase and FreezerSen Sen Department Store Sdn BhdOct 2014
27Supply, design, installation and commissioning for Cold Rom Panel & Refrigeration SystemSarawak Tropical Peat Research InstitutePERUNDING MALCA SDN BHDSept 2014
26Supply, installation & testing Freezer Room and Chiller Room, Refrigeration Showcase, Chiller Showcase at Sri AmanUnaco Enterprise Sdn BhdDec 2013
25Supply and install new Chiller Room and Refrigeration System at Tawau, SabahNBT Borneo Trading Sdn BhdNov 2013
24Design, build up, supply and install Cold Room and Refrigeration Equipment at Demak Laut Industrial ParkGSH Food Industrial Sdn BhdDec2013
23Renovation works, supply and install Chiller room and freezer room c/w Control Switch board and Electrical works at Normal Specialist Centre, KuchingKeliman Equip Trading & ServicesDec 2013
22upply and install Chicken Chiller, Island Freezer c/w Condensing unit and Cooler UnitCCK Fresh Mart Sdn Bhd (Kota Kinabulu)Nov 2013
21Supply, Install Display Cabinet and Refrigeration Showcase c/w Compressor & Refrigeration System at BauUpwell Superstore Sdn Bhd (Bau)Nov 2013
20Supply, install and testing cold room, cold room and Chiller Room Refrigeration SystemTorng Meei Import & Export Trading CoJuly 2013
19Renovation & Electrical worksKuching Specialist HospitalJuly 2013
18Supply & installation of Refrigeration System at MatangUpwell Superstore (Matang) Sdn BhdJuly 2013
17Supply, install and testing Sanyo Refrigeration Showcase at 10th Mile SupermarketUnaco Enterprise Sdn BhdMay 2013
16Supply of Refrigerated Showcase and Refrigeration system at Serian & 17th OutletUnaco Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Bintawa)Dec 2012
15Design, supply, install and testing Refrigeration System for cold & freezer room and installation room Insulation panelUnaco Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Bintawa)March 2012
14Supply, install and testing Wall Chiller Showcase, Island Freezer Showcase, Compressor, Cold Room and Plug in showcaseUnaco Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Serian)May 2012
13Supply and install 8HP Compressor, unit cooler, installation of Cold Room panel, Refrigeration System and Switch BoardDairy Fresh, Tawau, SabahFeb 2012
12Design, supply, install and testing Refrigeration System for cold & freezer room and installation of Polyurethane panelHeng Feng Industrial Sdn BhdDec 2012
11To supply, design built, testing and commissioning one chiller cold room and refrigeration systemKang Yew Sheng Development Sdn BhdNov 2011
10Supply and install 100HP Water Cold Chiller, heater coil, hot water machine, chiller water pump & Electrical WorksQL Livestock Farming Sdn BhdProjek Konsultant Sdn BhdSept 2011
9Supply & install multi deck chiller showcase, Island freezer showcase c/w CompressorUnaco Supermarket, Jalan StutongAugust 2011
8To supply& installation cold room PU Panel and refrigeration systemLing's Fresh Vegefruits S/B Tawau SabahAugust 2011
7Supply, install, testing & commissioning of Chiller Water SystemQL Livestock Farming Sdn BhdJuly 2011
6Supply & installation Cold Room & Refrigeration SystemPoh Lian Trading CompanyJuly 2011
5Supply & installation Cold Room & Refrigeration SystemQL Livestock Farming Sdn BhdJune 2011
4Proposed Rectification works for Brine Chiller No. 2 at MEP, UNIMAS, Kota SamarahanUniversiti Malaysia SarawakJuly 2011
3Supply & install Chiller Stainless Showcase, Island Freezer, Vegetable Chiller Showcase, Cold Room & Refrigeration SystemCCK Fresh Mart Sdn BhdMay 2011
2Supply & install Island Freezer, Chiller Stainless Steel Showcase, condensing unit Compressor & installation of Refrigeration SystemCCK Fresh Mart Sdn BhdJan 2011
1Construction and Establishment of the proposed Livestock Farming Area (LFA) Project at Pasir Puteh, Samarahan Division Sarawak, Package B4: Installation Panel, Refrigeration, Boiler and other worksChang Tze Brothers Construction Sdn BhdPKM PROJEK KONSULTANT SDN BHDMay 2011