Ice Plate Machine
Plate Ice Machine produces irregular ice plates, ice thickness is 12~20mm, ice size is 30mm*40mm to 60mm*100mm, and thickness can be adjusted through ice making time. Comparing to flake ice, plate ice are transparent crystals and harder to melt, have smaller surface, dry and have no powders, longer cooling time. Widely used in fishery, distant fishing, logistics, meat processing, supermarket refreshing, pharmaceuticals, concrete cooling, ice thermal storage and etc.

20 Tons Per Day Ice Plate Machine For Cooling

5 Tons Per Day Ice Plate Machine For Cooling

Large Ice Cube Machine
using our self-developed technologies like planomural liquid film heat exchange and circulated hot-gas ice harvesting, we solved the problem including low capacity, high energy consumption, ice thickness not even, ice harvesting not stable and etc that long bothers the industry. Also we can provide one-stop solutions of full automatic large edible ice cube production lines to lower your labor cost and evaluate production efficiency and secure the safety and sanitation of edible ice. CBFI is your First Choice to build an edible ice factory.
Large edible ice cube machine, a kind of ice machines producing edible ice cube in large capacity. Its ice cube are sanitary and clear, widely used in places need ice cubes such as hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shop and etc

10 Tons Per Day Ice Cube Maker with PLC Controller

5 Tons Per Day Ice Ice Making Machine

20 Tons Per Day Ice Cube Maker Plant

Tube Ice Machine
Tube Ice Machine is a mechanical facility to produce tube ice. Tube ice are hollow cylinders, widely used in beverage cooling, cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels.Dedicated in ice machines R&D and manufacturing over a decade, we have full confidence to provide you a better tube ice plant solution.
Ice tube machine is a kind of ice making machines, named after its ability to produce irregular length hollow ice, ice tube’s external diameters are φ22mm,φ28mm,φ35mm and etc, length are between 25~45mm, the internal diameters are adjustable through ice forming time, usually between φ5~10mm. Ice tubes are thick and crystal clear, takes long time to melt down or storage, good air permeability. Widely used in daily food, fruit & vegetables preservation, aquatic products preservation and etc.

30 Tons Per Day Tube Ice Making Plant

20 Tons Per Day Automatic Tube Ice Machine

10 Tons Per Day Tube Ice Machine

5 Tons Per Day Ice Making Machine with CE

3 Tons Per Day Ice Making Machine for edible use

1 Tons Per Day Ice Making Machine for drinking